DIY Coat Hanger

After getting fed up with coats hanging over my banister at the bottom of the stairs I decided I needed a coat hanger. I’ve seen loads in the shops for £20 plus and I thought to myself, that would be so easy and much cheaper to make with stuff I have around the house.

I had a rummage in our basement (the previous owners left loads of stuff so it’s a bit of a treasure trove downstairs) and I found some skirting boards. I asked my BF to saw round the edges and then I smoothed the edges down with my sander. I then wiped the wood with a damp cloth to remove the excess dust and left to dry for 5 minutes. I already had chalk paint in duck egg which I have used for previous up-cycling projects around the house (see here). I gave the wood a few coats of paint and left it to dry.

Once the paint was dry I used some sanding paper rounds the edges to give it that shabby chic effect. I then stuck on these cute little Sass and Bell hooks I picked up in a near by interiors shop ages ago. They were on sale for £1.25 each and I knew they would come in handy for something one day. I used a strong doubled sided tape to stick the hooks on to the wood and voila……. all done.

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