DIY Colour Block Coasters

With the colder days and darker nights setting in I find myself spending more time at home and look for ways to add little updates around the house without spending lots of money. I also go through phases where I can not stop scrolling through Pinterest looking for ideas and and this is where I found the inspiration for these coasters.

I had some left over chalk paint from up-cycling some of my old furniture (in fact, who am I kidding, I’ve painted just about everything in my house with these chalk paints, even my Halloween pumpkin, not even kidding) and I bought these coasters from Paperchase ages ago so I decided to have a go at painting these cork coasters.

What you will need

4 cork coasters

2/3 different colours of paint (I used chalk paint)

masking tape

What to do

Cut four even pieces of masking tape and stick the tape in different directions on each coaster to create different shapes and variations. You can be creative and place the tape any way you like.

Paint the coasters at either side of the tape a different colour, again you can be creative here and use as many colours as you like, where you like.

Leave the coasters to dry for a few hours before you remove the tape.  Once the tape is removed you should have something like this…..

I then went over the top of each coaster with a clear nail varnish to seal in the colour and prevent marks/stains on my coasters.

It’s amazing what can make from items lying around your home, these were so easy to make and I’m really pleased with how they have turned out.


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