Fashion: Colour Elements

I like to think I know what colours suit me and had never really given it much thought to be honest, until I attended the Colour Elements blogger event in Castle Galleries.  The event opened my eyes to how important wearing the right colours can be.

“Colour Elements was created to empower you through colour to make your best clothing purchase”.
Wearing the wrong colours can really have a negative effect on how you look and feel and can even create shadows on your face making you look tired, so it’s very important to get it right. Not only will wearing the right colours make you look good and feel better, it will also help the environment as a lot of unworn clothes end up in landfill.

At the event we were lucky enough to have a 10 minute consultation with Karen the director of Colour Elements and given our colour ID. There are four elements earth, fire, air and water and each person can be described by one of these elements or a combination of two depending on complexion, hair and eye colour. My elements are air : fire and according to the app I should be wearing colours such as:


I would say I’m wearing the right colours 70% of the time but have realised there are certain colours I really should be avoiding.

As well as a consultation, we were treated to delicious cocktails from Sugar Dumplin, delicious pizzas and snacks from Zizzi and pampered by The Body Shop, who also treated us to this awesome goodie bag.

Now I know my colour ID, Colour Elements email me weekly with outfit ideas with colours that suit me and links to where I can purchase these items.


 If you want to find out your element and save time when shopping you can do so via their website and download the app to see what colours suit your element.

Thanks to everyone involved and making it a great event.

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